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Preschool Program

9 AM to 11:45 AM

Sep - Jun

Kid drawing

Welcome to our Preschool Program, where we have carefully crafted a curriculum to help your child develop essential skills through a step-by-step learning path. Our program focuses on math, reading, science, and other important subjects to prepare your child for academic success.


Our curriculum is packed with engaging activities that allow your child to practice math, reading, phonics, and more. We introduce a variety of important concepts that are crucial for your child's growth and development. These include understanding the calendar, learning about the seasons, days of the week, and months of the year.

Additionally, your child will get to explore and practice the following activities:

  • Colouring

  • Colors

  • Cooperation

  • Cutting

  • Drawing and Painting

  • Gluing

  • Hygiene

  • Letter & Number Writing

  • Listening

  • Nature

  • Physical activity like running, jumping, skipping, hopping on one foot, and using playground equipment and balls

  • Shapes

  • Sharing

  • Sorting objects

  • Taking turns

  • Transitioning from one activity to another

  • Weather

  • Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition

  • Phonics


Our experienced staff will guide your child through each activity and ensure that they are learning while having fun. We also provide opportunities for physical activity through running, jumping, skipping, hopping on one foot, and using playground equipment and balls.

We believe that every child deserves a strong foundation for academic success.


Join our Preschool Program and watch your child grow and thrive!


My daughter and I were welcomed into the most caring and nurturing atmosphere. The director was easy to approach, friendly and responsive to all my needs and questions about childcare. I can’t wait for my child to start her first day!

Rachel T

  • Does the premises have security?
    Yes, our premises is equipped with CCTV cameras and we also have multiple staff present at all times during our operating hours.
  • Do you undertake sanitization measures?
    Yes, our staff members are diligent and take care of proper sanitation as per Alberta protocols throughout and after our normal operating hours.
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